With a special sense of what others throw away or try to avoid

With a special sense of what others throw away or try to avoid, designer Tina Astrup explores visual stories in wood. The works at the exhibition could well resemble furniture, but Tina Astrup’s own interest lies somewhere else. She works intensively to create and highlight characters and patterns. In the machining, tactile materialities arise in an interaction that calls for touch.

The raw material, the processed fineness
A number of large, triangular wooden blocks stand in a group on the floor of her workshop in Højbjerg outside Aarhus and are waiting for an exhibition. They are raw, some have an open, porous structure with cracks after rapid drying. Tina Astrup has carefully treated them and emphasized the tactile qualities: one side sanded smoothly and almost glossy, another still rough and black brown in time in the forest. The dimensions are like a sitting furniture – but they are just as much sculptures free standing in the room.

Other works consist of round shapes, flat as table tops, but placed on wall and floor. Black-blue lines extend across the circles. The color comes from the tree itself, which had a hidden amount of ink inside, which Tina Astrup has lured forward. By winding metal wire around the tree and pouring it with vinegar she draws on the tree. Many will know the phenomenon from the kitchen table, where black circles on the oak table top are an unwanted mark, but Tina Astrup draws woolly or sharp lines, covers entire surfaces, and in the interaction between large and small, dark and bright circles she creates varied compositions.